About Us

I am first and foremost a child of the King. I made Jesus Christ Lord of my life when I was eight years old. I have made a lot of mistakes since that night, but I am training daily to be the person God wants me to be.  I believe strongly and passionately that I will never become the person I am meant to be by merely trying. I know I must TRAIN. Likewise, our family will never become all that we are meant to be without purposefully training daily.

I am Joey’s wife, the most passionate and disciplined man of God I know. We have known each other since first grade. Those of you who know him will agree, he is really a pretty great guy. He preaches from a Greek New Testament, writes academic books, reads ancient philosophers, molds young college minds, loves him some college football, washes all my dishes and still finds time to play Legos.

I am the homeschooling mother of five amazing children. I can honestly say they are the coolest and best kids I know! I honestly love to hang out with them. They are currently 13, 12, 9, 6 and 2. They bring Joey and I more joy than we ever could have imagined possible. Our princess and only daughter is Mattie Mae. She loves to sing, act and dance. Pretty much, if it involves a stage she is on it! She is also a wonderful writer. Our first born son is Kinnon. He is very intelligent, sensitive and caring. He is a great big brother. Aidan comes next in the line up. He is full of life. He loves being outside and working with his hands. Iain is our Scottish child. He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland while his dad was pursuing a PhD. He loves to draw and give gifts. He is such a sweetheart and a great cuddlier. Caspian is our precious baby. He came into our home in August 2011, but we can’t remember life without him.

I am truly blessed. We are not your normal American family, but hey, normal is way over-rated. We have lived in four different countries and have visited over ten. Joey and I have been involved in ministry together since we where in high school and never plan on stopping. We believe strongly in family ministry. Our family is our ministry and our family does ministry together. We know that the best witness we have is our family, and we want our family to be used by God, however and wherever that might take us.


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