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First of all, I’m sorry I’m late with our family’s Advent post this year. To say our semester has been hard and unexpected is quite an understatement. Our latest tragedy happened on Thanksgiving night. Our beloved family dog, Kahlua, was hit by a car in front of Joey’s parents’ house. I found her in the road. Then Joey and I dug a hole and buried her as our children stood around us weeping. It was horrible and, as you can imagine, we are completely devastated.

In light of all our family has gone through this semester, we decided to do something different for our family Advent celebrating. Honestly, we don’t feel much like celebrating anything these days, but we are keenly aware there are many others in our world suffering much more than we are. This year we are turning our focus outward. Through our hurt this semester we have experienced God working in powerful and surprising ways. We want to do our part to share this with others who are hurting during this Advent season.

The theme of our Advent season is…

Spread the Light

We see light used in many different ways during this season beginning with the light that used from heaven to mark where our Savior was born. Our prayer this Advent season is that our family will be used as a light to shine the love of Jesus and share the light of the gospel to those around us, near and far. We want nothing more than to be used by God to bring hope to the hurting, lonely, sad and sick.


Those of you, who have followed our family through Advent in years past know basically how we do things. We usually set up a calendar filled with lots of fun, family activities for every day then we give our kids each 4 gifts. Our kids have a gift or extra-special activity on each of the Sunday’s of Advent. We have used the following paradigm…

Something to wear

Something to read

Something they want

Something they need

This year I have created a calendar of activities for us, but along with our seasonal favorites we will be including more service oriented projects. Our biggest change for this year will be with our Sunday gifts. This year instead of the gifts we will be using this same paradigm but we will have a special missions project focus. Our gifts we will be focused outward rather than inward.

Here are our primary Missions of the Season

Something to Wear – Dressember supporting International Justice Mission and work around the globe to end human trafficking.

Something to Read – We will be reading the Christmas story and singing Christmas carols to elderly members of our community.

Something they Want – We will be buying and helping deliver gifts to families in need through the Angel Tree ministry (kids whose family members in prison) and The Call (foster families in our county).

Something they Need – We will be working with a couple different ministries who collect, prepare and serve food for hungry families.

As always the Dodson family will keep you updated with more details and plenty of pictures and these events unfold!

I will also try to do other blog posts with more details on our daily calendar and on each of our Missions opportunities.



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