One More Surgery

We would appreciate your prayers as we take D in to Arkansas Children’s Hospital tomorrow for an outpatient procedure to remove the final catheter.

Things have been going well pretty well with D at home. She has been low energy and a little down but that continues to improve. Every day activities will be much more comfortable for her after this final tube comes out. Joey, D and I have been learning how to do the cathing that she will continue for the rest of her life, which also involves getting up every 4 hrs to cath. during the night for the time being. (Joey and I are quickly learning we are not as young as we used to be, and we need our sleep!) Just in the past couple of days she has started doing the cath herself while being supervised and she is doing amazingly well.

The main goal of surgery was to get her dry and out of pull-ups. This has not happened yet and continues to be an area of frustration and much prayer! We need that bladder to heal up COMPLETELY plugging any little holes that could be causing the leaking. Tomorrow when the catheter is removed the doctor will insert a small camera and look around inside the new bladder. If he sees any small holes he will plug them with a type of sealant. If this doesn’t work and if she continues to leak after another month or so they will have to open her back up and repair the leaky bladder. (At this point, I can’t even think about this option.) While this surgery would not be near as major as the first one, it would be another pretty invasive surgery. Whenever the doctors open up our D, there is no such as a minor procedure! She is one complicated little girl.

We know God has this under control and we are believing Him to heal her on every level. We are also believing God to continue to equip us for what He has called us to do and be as her family. Please pray we will continue to have wisdom and clarity in the midst of her healing.

On an unrelated note, the state foster care system has recently changed their policy or tightened it and we can no longer post ANY photos of D, no matter how creative we are with concealing her identity. You might have noticed Joey and I both took down any profile or cover photos that had her in them. This includes my blog since it is posted on social media. Boooo!


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