Day 3 Update 


The high point of our day was this Easter egg tree. 🙂 Well, actually it was feeling well enough to go to craft time and make it! It is a huge praise that D’s fever never got above 101 today and most of the day she had no fever at all.  Yesterday it was barely below 103! I’m sure you can imagine how much better this made her feel. She was still weak and tired but overall it was a real improvement over yesterday. 

We did have one set back–potassium. When D was admitted on Monday she had low potassium so they gave her an infusion through her iv. This apparently is pretty potent and should have given her a boost and kept her levels normal. This morning when they did bloodwork her potassium levels were even lower than Monday. I could tell by the buzz of activity this caused that it was a big deal. So like any well-intended, medically-ignorant mother I googled it when the nurses left the room!! After my self-education I started quizzing the nurses (they tolerated this really well). Low potassium when combined with the other stuff D had going on could be an early indicator of kidney failure and if low levels persist it could cause cardiac problems. The nurses confirmed my worries but reassured they were handling it. They told me panic level was 2.5 and D was a 2.7! I didn’t feel reassured. The doctor confirmed to me that they had it under control and if they were still concerned after her next blood work they would just keep us longer to monitor her levels. I’m glad they are handling it but also I REALLY want to go home. 

Please pray her fever stays down and her potassium goes up. Also, pray that thing continue to heal they way they are supposed to heal. 

God is good and as always He is taking care of us. God really encouraged me through my devotional reading today. He also sent me 2 unexpected visitors just when I needed them. I have been a little discouraged and homesick, but His word and these visits were little rays of light in my day, reminders that God is always watching and always directing and always faithful. I am so grateful. 

“Dear friends, there will be days when following Jesus will take everything we have. Days when we will have to lean hard into Him and His love for us, remembering that we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation…a people belonging to God (1 Peter 2:9). May it be said of us when outsiders look at our lives that we loved each other well, that we lived upright, obedient lives in love for our Lord and that we honored those in positions over us.”  from Love God Greatly-Study of 1&2 Peter


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