Hospital Day 2 (again) 


D spent most of her day just like this…sleeping or watching movies. She had fever pretty much all day and you know how that wipes you out. It is easy to tell when the fever is creeping back up. She gets quiet, weak and sleepy. 

The Drs are waiting for a specific culture to tell them exactly what they are dealing with bacteria wise, until then she is on a powerful, broad spectrum antibiotic. The Drs are hopeful that tomorrow we will see an improvement in the fever. That will should put us closer to going home. 

D and I are having more trouble keeping our spirits up this time at the hospital. I know she is ready to feel better and we are all ready to see ‘happy D’ again. She hasn’t seemed like herself in quite a while now. I know it is understandable, after all she has been though so much, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch.  Please pray her depression lifts. 


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