Day 1 – Home and Back Again


Today has been incredibly long and stressful so I’ll just give you a quick synopsis of our current situation and what got us here. 

On Saturday D spiked a fever. We gave her meds, it came down and stayed down. The Dr said just watch her. On Sunday afternoon the same thing happened–very high fever, meds then down and stayed down. Dr said watch her and bring her in to the office today. They worked us in the office schedule and we planned to leave just after lunch. Around 10am the fever went up and we couldn’t get it to come down or stay down. The Dr changed his mind and said just skip the office and go straight to the ER at Children’s. We made it to the ER a little after 2. When we got here her temp was 103.8 and she had just had Motrin an hour before. They got us back quickly and started tests. After a contrast CAT Scan they confirmed it was a very serious double kidney infection. They said she could not go home because this could not be allowed to get any worse and oral antibiotics would not work fast enough. We finally got placed in a room about 9pm. 

D is feeling pretty bad and is tired of nurses messing with her. She has pretty much had high fever all day. They started her on 2 different, very powerful IV antibiotics. She will be here at least 2 days possibly longer. 

Thank you for your concern and prayers. They mean so much to us. 


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