Home to Recover


Thank you to the many of you who have checked on us since we got home. As an introvert I’m loving being at home! I think D may be missing some of the constant interaction and attention. Her recovery is going well. She has not thrown up at all since we have been home. Her appetite is still not back but it is gradually improving. I’m sure when she gets her appetite back her energy levels will improve. Right now it is kinda hard to get her up and moving. 

We are figuring out her care and are starting to get into a semblance of a routine. Most of the medical care we are doing at this point are things she will have to continue for the rest of her life. We are trying to teach her and supervise her as we let her do as much of it as she can. 

I really appreciate your prayers as we continue to recover. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I have been surprised by how run down I feel as I try to get back in the groove at home. 


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