Hospital Day 15


Today was our best day, because it was homecoming day. The Drs armed us with tons of medical supplies; instructions and instructions for what to do if the instructions don’t work; and phone numbers, text numbers and emails for if the instructions for the instructions don’t work!! We are nervous, but we are home. 

She is tired but feeling well. We have some adapting to do but I have no doubt we will figure it all out. While the new bladder heals we have 2 catheters to take care of. In 2 weeks she will get 1 removed and in another few weeks the final one will be removed. In the meantime we have to be very careful to watch this very active and social little girl so those things stay in place and can do their jobs. 

I cannot thank you enough for praying us through the past 15 days. We have felt the prayers every step of the way. We could never have made it without your prayers, encouragement and help. We would appreciate the continued prayers as we adjust to caring for new medical needs and as she heals. 

If you don’t mind could you also pray for my new friend, Kayla. She is an Americorps volunteer at the hospital. She spent a lot of time with us at the hospital. I tried my best to get to know her and minister to her during our time. As I hugged her good bye at the car today my heart broke. She needs the love of Jesus in her life and I may never see her again. Pray God sends others to show her His love. 

I’m going to sleep now…in my own bed!! Praise the Lord. 


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