Hospital Day 14

(Hospital playtime today consisted of dressing the kids as doctors and letting them perform surgery on huge teddy bears! Yeah, it was pretty cool) 

Every night at 7pm the night shift nurse and tech coming to introduce themselves. Tonight when a sweet, little, white-haired lady came in to introduce herself as our tech we had to stop her mid-sentence and ask where she was from, because we knew–Scotland!! God sent an “angel” from Glasgow to care for us tonight. The Lord knows we need encouragement tonight, and He knows nothing cheers me up as much as hearing a perfect Scottish accent. Seriously, as soon as she opened her mouth I couldn’t keep from smiling. So I guess you could say God told me tonight’s blog should be a shoutout to Bonnie Scotland. God is so good. 

Today was really good for D until it wasn’t. She was in great spirits all day. She didn’t eat great, but she did eat a little better. We went to a special hospital playtime, and we played with brothers. Then she got tired so we came back up to the room to rest. As soon as we made it to the room she got sick, really sick. The nurse paged the Drs. They sent orders for us to head downstairs for abdominal X-rays to check for a blockage. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. The Drs said they don’t know what it is, but if she can continue to increase the amount she eats and nothing else happens we might get to go home tomorrow. We ordered her some supper and mid-meal she got sick again! One of her Drs came back by and said they have called in a special Pediatric team to evaluate her in the morning. They will see what they think and proceed from there.  

You see why I needed the Scottish angel tonight! I still know God’s got this. 

I am grateful for Scots! 

I am grateful for my mother who has spent sooo many hours up here with me and tonight is at my house cuddling a five year old who really misses his mommy. 

I am grateful for the fun we had with D when she was feeling well today. 

I am grateful for Joey bringing two of our boys up here and that it was such a beautiful day to be outside with them. 

I am grateful for a friend who brought me flowers and chocolate. 

I am grateful for a husband who brought me sushi. 

Our God is good. 

(This is a picture Mattie took of the first time Caspian saw D after surgery.) 


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