Hospital Day 12

Our day was a little better today. Last night was rough so we were pretty tired but she only got sick a couple of times. She did still have some stomach pain on and off but it was definitely better. I am hoping the doctors will follow through with running some tests tomorrow. They are also considering a GI consult which I think is past due. Maybe they are right and we need to give it more time but I would like for them to rule out any GI problems caused my intabation during surgery or the NG tube. 

We had some fun visitors today that kept us distracted from the pain and boredom. We also went for a walk OUTSIDE! Yay for sunshine! They have a great patient playground here on the 3rd floor of the hospital but we haven’t been able to enjoy it at all due to the crazy weather we have had. It has been snowing and raining most of the time we have been in the hospital. The sun felt so good today. It did our spirits good. 


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