Hospital Day 11

Today things started out pretty good for our sweet D. She was a little sick this morning but not as bad as the day before. The dr said since not much seems to be making a difference with the throwing up and stomach pain, she could go ahead and eat whatever she feels up to eating and see if it might help. The first thing she wanted was chips! Really?!? 

I said “You can have anything. Would you like some real food?” She responded, “chips are real!”  So off Dad went to get her chips.  🙂

She could only eat about 3 or 4 potato chips and drink a couple of drinks of apple juice. About an hour later she got sick again. The strange thing is (TMI warning!) she doesn’t throw up the food. It has been the same for the past 4 days. No matter what she eats or drinks, she throws up thick, clear, foamy yuckiness. She seems to get sick every 3 or 4 hours no matter what she has done or what she has eaten and it always looks the same. Crazy, right? 

Tonight before bedtime she got much worse. She was moaning and crying out with stomach pain for about 2 hours before she finally passed out asleep. It was horrible. They gave her a heat pack to hold on her belly and every med they could. It was the worst pain she has been in since we got here and surgery was over a week ago! Everyone here is completely baffled and of course the doctors are never here when it happens. When they see her she is usually fine. I believe they think I’m just an over-reacting mom!  I am about to show them ‘over-reacting mom’ if they don’t figure this out soon! 

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and relief for D. 

I do have a big praise for today…

Earlier today when D was feeling ok I went home to spend a few hours with our other children (which of course includes the dog!) while Joey handled things at the hospital. I can’t tell you how great it was. We ate together, watched tv, played basketball, and made a trip to Walmart to restock their junk food! (Even though we realized my definition of junk food is very different from theirs!) I only spent about 4 hours with them but it was great for my soul. I love hanging out with my kids and I really love that they love hanging out with me. 


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