Hospital Day 10 

So originally our doctor predicted  D’s hospital stay would be around 7-10 days. Today we pass that prediction. We are trying to keep our spirits up, but we really want to go home. Actually, we want to be well enough to go home. None of us want to go home before D is completely ready. 

We started our day with more nausea and sickness. The doctors came happened to enter the room today while she was vomiting. They said they are not sure what is going on, but they decided to go ahead and start clear liquids anyway. I think they were thinking nothing by mouth is making her sick so maybe a little something will help. D was sooo excited to get a popsicle! She was giddy over it. She took one small bite, looked at me and said “Mom, I think I save it for later”. I was a bit confused. I told her the doctors want her to eat it to see if it helps her tummy. She said I don’t think it worked and threw it up!! It was very disappointing for each of us. 

The day continued about the same as yesterday – some movie watching, some nausea, some walking, some nausea, and on and on. She tried a few ice chips later this afternoon but started getting sick again about 6:30. The doctors still don’t seem very concerned. We know there are still several steps before she will be ready to go home, so it is hard for me not to be concerned when she is having so much stomach pain. 

Seeing D go through this is really hard. The being away from home is also starting to wear on us. Today was hard for me because it was Joey’s birthday, and I love celebrating birthdays. My parents always made them very special and I like to do the same. I always make a big birthday breakfast served on our fancy dishes. I love making favorite meals followed by favorite desserts with special candles. I missed all that. Don’t worry I will do it all, but I’m a little disappointed it won’t be on the right day. 

Hitting the 10 day mark, more stomach pain and missing a big birthday…these things had me down. 

But God is good and He is good in the easy times (like birthday parties) and in the hard times (like sick children in hospitals). I choose to be grateful tonight. I am grateful for 

…a husband to sit by me at the bedside of a sweet baby as she is sick. 

…good lifelong friends from far away that God sent here just when I needed them. 

…a Gap coupon, a mall, and a husband who sent me shopping for myself on HIS birthday. 

…amazing kids at home looking out for each other and sending me silly pictures and videos all day. 

…family checking on us and willing to do absolutely anything to help. 

…neighbors providing food for my family. 

God is so good. 


One thought on “Hospital Day 10 

  1. Mindy says:

    Awh…I wish I was there to play with your kids and cook their meals. Hugs to you all. Hang in there….love yall!

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