Hospital Day 9 

Today was not much different from yesterday for D. She walked, played, visited, watched movies and was nauseated in between each activity. The doctors are not very concerned. They say in the scope of everything she is doing great. Her bowels are still not awake so that’s why she is throwing up. They keep telling me “it’s just a waiting game”. Seriously, I’m sick of hearing that, but ok we are waiting. We are both very ready to go home but we are waiting. I don’t want to rush things and I want her little body to heal completely so we are waiting. 

In the meantime we are learning how to wait. I’ve learned I’m not getting enough sleep to read! I had grand notions of all the books I’d get read but I only fall asleep. Reading my bible and devotion every day is about all I’m getting done. Since D can’t eat or drink I don’t eat or drink, I kinda glad I can’t resort to food. Today as she slept I colored. 

Little known fact about me: I once taught art at a very upscale preschool in downtown Houston. It was so fun. Sometimes I miss having art all day, every day.  It fills my tank. 😊


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