Hospital Day 8

Today is March 11 and it was supposed to be the day our adoption of D was finalized. In Arkansas once a foster child’s parental rights have been terminated and they are placed with their forever family (that’s us!) there is a six month waiting period before the legal finalization can occur. Today was supposed to be that day. When D started getting sick (around Christmas) we realized we could not wait any longer for the surgery. She had already been waiting 3 years. The surgery and recovery are so intense the surgeon wouldn’t do it before she was with her forever family. Once we convinced them we were committed to her we got the date of March 6. It was a no-brainer for us. The finalization is just the final hoop we have to jump through and her health is top priority. We will be able to finalize next month when she is well enough to walk into the court room. It’s pretty crazy that we have only known D for 9 months! To us she has been a Dodson since she moved in a little over 6 months ago, but I sure wish I could show you her face. 😊

Today started out high. The doctor came in and said everything looked good and if everything continued to progress we could possibly go home on Friday. We were so excited. Friday is Joey’s 40th birthday and our family back together at home would be a great present! Then D started feeling sick and throwing up. It was terrible because she doesn’t have anything in her stomach and she has a big insision. It was very painful. She continued being sick most of the day. She would have periods of feeling better and just when we thought it had past she would get sick again. I held a bed pan for her and we both cried. The doctors and nurses were not sure what the problem was. Finally around 6 her doctor came in and said he was going to try taking the NG tube out (the tube going in her nose and down into her stomach continuously pumping its contents). D was very excited. I think the NG tube has been the worst part of her recovery. Since the tube was removed she has felt a little sick but has not thrown up. Huge praise!! Yay!!! We are hoping that sickness it’s over. If she makes it fine without the tube overnight they will slowly start clear liquids tomorrow. If she has more problems they will have to put the tube back in. Please be praying with us that the stomach problems are over. 

Her stomach felt best sitting up so this is how she napped today. 


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