Hospital Day 7 

D’s day started off pretty slow. We went walking and watched some movies (our chief activities these days). The doctor came by and said everything looks good. This afternoon we were very ambitious and ventured down to the 3rd floor to Camp Wannaplay for some painting time. It was quite a trek with D’s 8 tubes and numerous cords. When we got back we had some problems with her NG tube that led to X-rays, nausea and extra meds. It was pretty rough. When you have an insision the length of your abdomin throwing up is very painful. We were all crying before it got better! Please pray for extra rest tonight. 

Praise – I had a special treat today. My mom stayed here with D while I was able to leave the hospital for the first time. Kinnon took me to lunch and it was nice. Afterward Joey brought the younger boys up and I was able to get in some hide and seek on the playground with Caspian and Iain. We have some pretty great kids. 🙂 


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