Hospital Day 5

Things went pretty well today. We had some struggles with pain, fever and the blues but I think all of those can be expected. 

When the doctor came in this morning he said he was calling in PT to help get D up and walking. We thought ‘there is no way. She is so weak and barely awake.’ PT came and she surprised us all. This little girl is one tough cookie! 

This afternoon we had some fun visitors that have helped with our post-surgery blues. Visitors under 12 are not allowed on our floor but we were able to get D up and in a wheelchair. We took her down stairs so Iain and Caspian could see her. Caspian in particular was very excited but then just as sad when it was time for him to go and he realized D and I were staying. 

D already has lots of tubes and bags attached but we just got more. They set up D’s TPN (intravenous nutrition) we are hoping a little nutrition helps perk her up a little. The doctor is allowing her to chew gum, which is perking her up a bit. The introduction of gum is probably the closest we have come to a smile in the past few days, despite Joey’s best efforts, which may or may not include 90’s hip hop dance moves. They certainly cracked me up but D didn’t budge! 


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