Hospital Day 4 – Recovery begins

After the 14 hr surgery yesterday we spent the night last night in Intermediate Care so the nurses could keep a close eye on D. She slept great. 

Around 11am they moved us back to our room on the 4th floor where D slept most of the day. She is on some pretty potent pain meds so her pain levels have been pretty good. She has only complained a couple of times. Seriously, she is quite a trooper!

Our biggest problem today was her NG tube (tube going up her nose and down into her stomach that continuously pumps the stomach to keep it empty). After 2 adjustments and 3 X-rays they decided the tube had a loop in it and it could not be fixed. The tube had to be removed and replaced. Not fun! I’m so thankful Joey was here to help me hold her down. After another X-ray it seems to be in the right place now. Praise God! 

Her biggest complaint today has been thirst! She was intabated for 14 hrs yesterday and has a the NG tube going down her throat. I think I would be thirsty too. She is not allowed to have anything by mouth until her bowels wake up – no water, no ice, no popsicles, no nothing!  It is so hard to hear your baby cry for a drink of water and not be able to give it to her! 

Please keep praying those bowels wake up sooner rather than later. The doctor did not seem hopeful because her bowels were “so traumatized” during surgery yesterday, but we know our God in control. He’s got this. 

Tomorrow the rest of our clan gets to come visit D. I miss them so much! Pray for Caspian and Iain though because they are too young to be on D’s floor. I’ll get to spend some time hanging with them downstairs but I know they want to check on their sister. 

Thanks for the prayers! 


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