Hospital Day 3 – Surgery Day

Today was the big day, well technically, yesterday now!

6am – They started prepping D for surgery. She was very nervous. She said she changed her mind was ready to go home! I was feeling the same way, but we pressed on. 

7am – We walked with them to take her to surgery. 

7:30am – We had to say goodbyes as the wheeled her in, not my most composed moment. 

8:30am – They called the waiting room to say they had started. 

Every hour they called out to say “We are still working”

8:30pm – The doctor came out to say they were finished. They only had to close her up. He said everything went pretty much as planned. It was just a long and very tedious procedure. 

9:30pm – She was finally in recovery and we got to see her,  14 hrs. later! She was pretty miserable. It was rough. 

11pm – She was finally released from recovery and taken to Intermediate Care for the night. Hopefully, tomorrow we will be back in a regular room. She has so many tubes and wires connected! I am glad she will be closely monitored for the night. 

Thanks again for supporting us with prayer. We are exhausted. 


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