Gratefuls – Hospital Day 1 

One of my favorite things is writing in my grateful journal. It helps me find the good and remember how God has blessed me. Here are my “Gratefuls” for today:

1. Friends and family near and far supporting us in prayer! 

We have been overwhelmed by the prayer support! Y’all seriously, I can’t tell you how encouraging it has been. I won’t lie, I found it pretty overwhelming to leave our other 5 children at home and head toward the hospital. We drove 2 vehicles and I was alone in mine. The drive gave me an opportunity to get a good cry out without D seeing. I turned on worship music and truly felt wrapped in God’s peace and comfort. I have no doubt that came from your prayers. 

2. Lack of hunger

I had shared with you my concerns with D and food. She could not eat or drink after midnight and she has only mentioned being hungry 3 times all day! God is so good. I was so worried she would be miserable. She has been in great spirits all day. 

D had a PICC line put in today and the procedure went very smooth. D was even able to do it without sedation! Later the doctor came in and gave us all the scary details and possible complications of surgery. The talk made us very thankful we have so many people praying. There are 2 main concerns from the doctor: infection and her bowels waking up after surgery. Please pray for these with us. He also told us there is a 15-20% chance the procedure won’t work! We are believing we will be in the 80%. 

Keep the prayers coming. 


4 thoughts on “Gratefuls – Hospital Day 1 

  1. I am praying hard for this baby and thank God for such wonderful, loving and compassionate parents she has been blessed with. God knows this little darling. He will heal her. I feel it and stand on it. Praying daily.

  2. Mandy says:

    Thankful for the smooth first day! Praying for D several times a day as God brings her to my mind. Thanks for the update.

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