We’re Having A Girl!


On Wednesday we had an overnight visit with D. First, I went to the foster parent’s home and had a lesson on how to handle her medical needs.

Have I mentioned this is a special needs adoption?

D was born with Short Gut Syndrome. She has several ongoing medical needs as a result of this. She has had some surgeries and will have to have more in the future. But she is amazing in how she handles her special needs! It will take some learning and practice on our part, but with God’s grace and D’s patience we will get the hang of things. (More on that later.)

After our lesson we buckled up and headed home. Aidan tagged along so we could have some ‘in ride’ entertainment. 🙂

At home we had fun showing her around, and she had fun exploring. It is so different from when we brought Caspian home because he was not walking or talking. We didn’t have to worry too much about child-proofing. We learned quickly that things are different this time around. D, just like any 5 yr old, is very curious and full of energy. Good thing we have so many helping hands that are ready to entertain. After a little time at home we got cleaned up and ready for prayer meeting. Wednesday night was Kinnon’s first time to preach at our church, so we all went to support him. He did an amazing job and so did the little ones listening to big brother.

The rest of our visit time was filled with jumping on the trampoline, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and walking on OBU’s campus. We finished the night with the Lego Movie, and yes:


Thursday afternoon we took her back to her foster mom. I am praying hard for her little spirit. I can see she is torn between two families right now. After a discussion with the foster mom and case worker, we decided she needed the weekend with the foster parents for ‘forever family’ celebrations/goodbyes. On Monday the foster parents will bring D to our house. They will bring all her things and help move her into our home! This is called the “Placement Visit.” Paperwork will be signed, and we will become her guardians. The State of Arkansas requires placement in our home for 6 months before we can adopt her. Then, she will legally be a Dodson. We will be her pre-adoptive parents until we get a court date around the first of next year. This is why we can’t use her full name or show pictures of her precious face. Don’t worry: Joey will bombard you with pics after that court date. All the legal and technical stuff aside…




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