Playing Games

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 will forever be…

The Day We Met Our Daughter, “D”.

And it was a pretty wonderful day!

D’s  gracious foster parents hosted us in their home. Before meeting with D, we met with them and went over details of D’s story, care, and medical issues. These foster parents are incredible. They have so nurtured our little D over the past few years. We will always be indebted to them for this care and for helping us prepare to be D’s forever family. After a couple of hours with them, D came in from school!

Let me tell you a little secret…SHE IS AMAZING!

So far, she only knows us as friends: but we instantly became great friends.

We spent over two hours coloring, singing, counting, writing, drawing, and playing games.

D is smart, kind, well mannered, patient, polite, friendly, gracious, and oh so beautiful!

The last activity we did with her was play a game of Sorry. It had been years since Joey and I had even seen a Sorry board, so D had to remind us how to play. Some how her rules were not quite how I remembered it. 🙂 I always thought the goal was to get all your pieces home but if you drew a ‘Sorry’ card you got sent back to start your journey all over.

Well, D’s version went like this…

(1) Draw a card. (2) Read it aloud joyously–no matter how small the number. (3) Round up. (4) Happily move your piece dancing around the board toward home. (5) If you happen to get a ‘Sorry’ card, that’s okay–just quietly slip it under the deck and draw again. (6) Oh, yeah, and after every move high-five the player to congratulate them on such a good job of counting and moving forward.

We loved her version! After all, sometimes in life you’ve already received more than your fair share of ‘Sorry’ cards, and everyone should get the chance to have a happy journey home.



2 thoughts on “Playing Games

  1. Karin Owens says:

    That is so wonderful! So happy for y’all…and for D. And I do think everyone in this scene will be having a very happy journey home. 🙂

    When dropping my girl off at PraiseWorks Monday, I saw your girl. Abbie had an American Girl doll and Mattie asked her about it. She said that she has quite a few and that she sure hopes D likes dolls. So sweet. I told her not to worry. Every little girl loves dolls.

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