God is Good…Even in the Waiting


God is good ALL the time.

He is good when we are hurting, when we are sick, when we are searching, when we are hoping, when we are waiting

If you have been reading along with our journey to get our little Diamond home to us, you know I have been struggling with emotions and patience. It is hard for me to focus on God’s goodness and perfect timing when I want answers and results now.

But then we turn a corner and God knocks us off our feet with His amazing goodness.

Let me give you some background. Due to much less than ideal circumstances and to the trauma of his premature birth, when our sweet Caspian was born he suffered a brain hemorrhage among other scary medical stuff. He was life-flighted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Since then he has been under the care of a wonderful Neurologist at Children’s. When Caspian came to us he was 19 months old, the case worker said he was seeing the neurologist every 4-6 months to monitor the fluid levels on his brain, the remnants from his hemorrhage. At our first visit to this doctor he explained that only time will tell how this fluid will affect his brain growth and development. We continued with his CT scans and neurology appointments. Other than Caspian’s level of fear and loathing for the CT machine these visits where fairly routine.

Until this week…

I was set for the same old routine and everything seemed to be headed in that direction. Caspian was scared and shut down in the waiting room. Then he screamed and cried at the top of his lungs during the CT. After the scan we proceeded upstairs to see the doctor for his analysis. The doctor looked at the scan, poked and prodded and measured and looked at the scan again. He then turned to me and said the words that shocked me, “I’m giving Caspian the ‘all-clear!'”

I did not even know this was an option for Caspian.

He showed me a chart where he had plotted Caspian’s brain development of the past 4 1/2 yrs. He said, “You see this first dot way down here. Kids that start out down here do not make it to up here” (as he pointed to Caspian’s current place on the chart). He then continued to explain that since Caspian’s 15 month appointment he has not had a single scan that worried him. Rather, after that 15 month scan, Caspian has made nothing but “sharp and distinct progress that is nothing short of miraculous.” He said he never thought Caspian would walk, much less run and do all he is doing. The old doctor was beaming with pride. My eyes filled with tears. God completely overwhelmed me.

The doctor did not realize the 15 month appointment was the last one before he came to us!

God has completely heal our baby’s little brain since Caspian has been with us.

Our God is good all the time, even in the waiting.


3 thoughts on “God is Good…Even in the Waiting

  1. Beth Walker says:

    Looooove this! Praise God! I am praying for your little girl and for your family as you wait to meet her. So happy for Caspian’s miraculous progress and for the miracles God still has in store for him!

  2. This is such a PRAISE! What a praise that not only did God heal Caspian but He did so within the context of your family. I am sure that the love Caspian was given the moment he entered your family was part of God’s healing process for your precious boy. So glad you are writing again and documenting God’s good work in your family!

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